Endorsement Message/Quote for website:
“Thank you for vocalizing in detail your ideas for our city. Your’s is the only website with specific plans that I think we can all agree will help maintain the city we love.”
— Campbell Resident, Oct. 12, 2014

“We need leadership that supports managed growth not solely focused on increased density! A desire to preserve safe neighborhoods and a sense of community, not a need to develop all usable space but rather keep Campbell the premier city it is! We need to elect a different perspective and sense of reality into the city council!”  — Lee Ann Kaseman, Campbell Resident


Campbell needs Councilmembers with experience handling development pressures and proposals. Campbell does not need to accept every project as it comes in the door. We have leverage; let’s use it.


  1. Reinforce compliance with regulation to provide all parking on-site. Do not compromise.
  2. For mixed-use project classifies as transit-oriented or incorporating density-bonus increases, do not reduce parking further. Do not permit shared parking between the residential and the commercial/retail uses.
  3. Require all transit-oriented projects and density-bonus projects to provide both “zip-car” parking and electric vehicle charging stations.
  4. Incorporate water conservation requirements into the ‘Housing Element’ or the General Plan and Zoning Code.
  5. Prioritize updating the Transportation and Land Use Element of the General Plan to better reconcile the impact of unanticipated development and State-initiated changes to housing density.



Neighbors continue to know neighbors, and neighborhoods collectively call this place Campbell.  New projects are infilling or adjacent to our existing neighborhoods. Housing developments must continue to create neighborhood as part of the existing fabric. Business areas must provide self-contained parking and plan traffic patterns that respect the surrounding areas.



Residents and businesses must have the opportunity to work with the City on Master Plan and Area plans that substantive alter the existing area. The City must be pro-active in communicating all proposed changes, City-initiated and developer-initiate projects. Legal requirements for newspaper publications is not sufficient.


  1. Sign-up for e-notifications of for Public Hearings, Environmental Notices and City Actions
  2. Sign-up for e-notification of City Council and Commission meetings
  3. Use NextDoor for such topics as:
    – publishing all meeting notices as well as full agendas
    – publishing all Public Notices
  4. Broadcast and archive for access, all study sessions
  5. Continue to improve City web page



Safety provides the environment for people to enjoy their community. Financial solvency provides the means to provide security with places and programs to enjoy.


  1. Fully fund public safety services.
  2. Maintain the balanced budget. The emergency reserve of $6 million continues to provide protection for the unexpected downturn. Use additional revenue to enhance the annual operating reserves to fund a General Plan Update and expand community outreach.
  3. Initiate a moratorium on new restaurants and alcohol-servicing business in the Downtown
  4. Consider a City-wide limit for alcohol sales, say 12 mid-night or earlier depending on proximity to residences.


Elections results are influenced by the total money raised.  Viable candidates may not choose to run or will be eliminated early due to the high cost of running for office. Federal and State laws are minimally helpful and confusing when it comes campaign donations for elected officials vs. appointed officials.  It is not a question of compliance, everyone here complies. The issues are balance and fairness and opportunity.

In the interest of the of the County’s voters, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors recognized this problem and established voluntary limits to county-wide office elections. These measures do not eliminate all problem, but it’s a start.  I set my own campaign funding parameters: a maximum of $500 per person or business and not to seek endorsement by any political party or outside interest group.  Optimistically, I also set a goal of raising 85% of my funds from within Campbell.   Federal and State laws do not address


  1. Adopt an Ordinance to:
    • limit contributions to officeholders
    • establishes voluntary campaign contribution limits at $1,000
    • sets voluntary campaign spending caps