Open Letter

Your Vote is your voice,
Make your Voice heard.

Vote Liz Gibbons for Campbell City Council

Dear Fellow Citizens of Campbell,

Country Women’s Club

Campbell’s good governance made it what it is; but Campbell’s government can’t remain the status quo. Future economic and development pressures require a balanced approach to preserve the beauty and character of our community. Campbell needs to be aware of and discuss the external mandates and internal decision-making that determines the community’s future. Balance does not come from pre-conceived agendas. Not every project, as presented, is right for Campbell.  I will ask the question: Is there a better, mutually beneficial option? Good results come from pursuing open dialogue and listening to the voices of the community to reach a reasoned decision.

From my professional experience and analytical skills garnered over 35 years as an architect, my history on the Campbell Planning Commission and as a 22-year community volunteer, I know and respect the value of your voice.  I recognize the pressures and challenges to Campbell’s future, specifically new revenue sources and new housing development.

I am committed to discussions and public processes that avoid short-sighted actions with long-term risk which sacrifice the character that has made Campbell a great place to live, work, and play.

Respectfully,  Liz Gibbons

June 2014