The entire Campbell community has benefited from Liz Gibbons’ expertise and knowledge in areas of local, civic and political issues. She is a person of high integrity that makes sane and well informed decisions.” — Pat Lawson, Campbell Resident

The FOCUS OF MY CAMPAIGN is the citizens of Campbell.  Most endorsements and 85% of my funding come from within Campbell.  The maximum donation I will accept is $500 per person/business. Through this commitment, the voters will know that they are my priority while serving as their representative on the Council.

There are no regulations prohibiting raising money from outside Campbell. Obviously, I too have donations and endorsements from friends, family and supporters who live outside Campbell.

I have chosen to do this. Funding from sources outside Campbell can overwhelm an otherwise viable candidate.  Santa Clara County-wide elected officials have voluntary donation limits and spending cap.  Sounds like a good idea to me!

A review of FPPC Form 460 filed by candidates  listing the Monetary Contributions Received  between January 1 and September 30, 2014, shows a very wide range of funding differences.  I have raised approximately $10,500; 85% is from Campbell residents.  Other candidates have raised around $25,000+ at around a 50%/50% ratio. One candidate has raised the greatest amount so far, approximately $42,000  with over 90% from outside Campbell.

Here is my original pledge to you, June 2014.

Therefore, to provide a measure of confidence for Campbell voters, I pledge the following:

    1. To fund my campaign with a minimum of 85% local and personal funds
    2. To limit individual contributions to a maximum of $500 and $1,000 per household
    3. To limit business contributions to a maximum of $500
    4. Not to seek endorsements from any political party or outside interest group

The ethics underlying practices and funding of political campaigns are an important aspect of the election process. Voters require verifiable confidence in the source of funds, collected and expended. Voters deserve conduct from candidates that is consistent with the duties of the office to be undertaken. Attached below is the Santa Clara County Fair Campaign Practices Pledge which I have voluntarily signed.


Click here to learn more about my pledge to the Santa Clara County Fair Campaign Practices.