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” Liz Gibbons has the professional experience and ethics, personal integrity, and a love for Campbell that is not present in any other candidate.  We need Liz on the Campbell City Council to provide a more balanced and open team that will carefully plan Campbell’s next few years while taking into account the city’s projected needs in the coming decades.”        Lisa Harmon, MD, MBA

Ed. Note:

All City Council and Planning Commission meetings can  be watched on local public TV channel or on the web. The link can be found on the City web home page

Please note that the initial Planning Commission (PC) meeting includes the staff report, typically drawings and proposed Conditions of Approval. The following PC meeting Agenda includes both the meeting notes and the final Resolution with all Conditions. Some, not all, projects also go to the City Council. All Appeals are to the City Council.


    • The City is preparing a Master Plan for the Civic Center that includes the Library, Police Station, City Hall, and Parking structure as well as the Ainsley House and Orchard City Green and Veterans Memorial. The project is significant in scope and budget. Several meetings and Council Study Sessions have been held. See the following link provides limited information. The next Council Study Session is scheduled for July 1 before the regular meeting. This is not webcast. You must attend to participate.



    • 2014-15 City Budget is in the final stages. The balanced budget at $53.7M is being held up by last minute information from the Housing Authority offering $873K if the City can provide $628K. See both the video and text download of the June 2, 2014 meeting. Starts approximately page 128.




    • A developer is proposing a high density mixed use housing/retail project for Railway Ave. It is reported to be a mixed use projects with apartments of 50+ units to the acre. The City currently has 27 units to the acre with a maximum 35% increase for density bonus (or 37 units to the acre.) Notably, there is a resent court case that nullifies the application of Inclusionary Housing for apartments. See Article 3, Chapter 21.20 As of June 6, Public Hearings have not  begun.


    • As part of the Winchester Blvd Master Plan, a developer is proposing a three-story, 16 unit and retail building on the corner of Winchester and El Caminito. The Plans were presented at a Study session and subsequently modified. See Agenda of April 22 PC meeting for initial submittal, however, the drawings are not included. A record of the Pre-application meeting is not available.


    • A City Council priority for 2014-15 is the development of the Bascom Ave Area Plan. Funding is identified in the 2014-15 budget.


    • A new Wine Bar was approved next to the Gaslighter Theater.




    • A developer is evaluating development of high density mixed use (housing and retail) on the old Paul Del Grande property.