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Vote Liz Gibbons for Campbell City Council 2014!
It is important who you vote for. It's important that you vote.

Knowledge of Government Policies and Procedures I have 24 years of experience with the City Manager form of government in Campbell. During this time, I served in a variety of roles ranging from Project Manager for the Downtown Streetscape Project and establishing an endowment fund as a means of financially sustaining the Ainsley House and […]

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” We need leadership that supports managed growth not solely focused on increased density! A desire to preserve safe neighborhoods and a sense of community, not a need to develop all usable space but rather keep Campbell the premier city it is! We need to elect a different perspective and sense of reality into the city council! ” Lee Ann Kassman, Campbell Resident

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Help Liz fund her campaign and meet her funding pledge to the citizens of Campbell…

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